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Easy and Healthy Snacks

[ad_1] In our house, snacks are almost a way of life. Particularly in the summer, while we travel to the creek by day and out of town on the weekends, snacks take a central roll in getting us where we want to go in a healthy way. A good snack can help alleviate the afternoon […]

Healthy Meal of the Week 18 With a Healthy Leftover Idea

[ad_1] Healthy Meal of the Week: Beef Teriaki w / Brown Rice Healthy Leftover Idea: Beef Tostadas Here's a meal that's easy to make, tastes great, and is low in calories. Best yet, there's not many ingredients needed to make both of these meals which means not much to purchase from the market. You can […]

Do Your Ears Hang Low? Earlobe Reduction Helps Patients Look Younger

[ad_1] Did you ever think that stretched earlobes could be a sign of aging? Sure enough, just as gravity takes its toll during the aging process on the neck, cheeks, etc., it also affects the earlobes. As people age, the earlobes lose fat and enlarge / expand, making them look long, "floppy" and older. On […]

Mommy Makeovers Gain Popularity

[ad_1] Mommy makeovers are cosmetic surgery procedures that help boost women's confidence, rejuvenate their appearance, and repair damaged muscle and skin that can occur during pregnancy and birth. Mommy makeovers have been around for many years, but have recently seen resurgence in popularity. Here are some things you need to know about this popular cosmetic […]

Tummy Tuck: The Procedure, Benefits, Risks And Aftercare

[ad_1] For people who are overly self-conscious about drooping, loose skin visible around their bellies, or those whose abdominal muscles have been weakened due to weight loss or effects of pregnancy, a tummy tuck surgical procedure may be the best option of realizing a firmer and more youthful outline. The surgery, even though not viewed […]

Effects of Massage Therapy on the Skin of Lymphedema Patients

[ad_1] The difference between normal massage techniques and manual lymph drainage techniques is that strokes that are used in normal massage therapy are applied with a bit more pressure than are strokes of manual lymph drainage therapy. The basic strokes that are used in normal massage therapy are petrissage, effleurage, tapotement, vibration and friction. It […]

Breast Augmentation Plastic Surgery – What You Should Know

[ad_1] In 2016, Americans spend approximately 8 billion ($ 8,000,000,000) on comestic surgery procedures ranging from breastfeeding augmentsations, liposuction, facelifts, buttock augmentations, facial implants to botox. Off all procedures, breast augmentation, also known as Mammaplasty was the most popular and thought after procedure. What is a breast augmentation surgery procedure? Breast augmentation surgery is a […]

Snacking For Kids Made Fun, And Healthy

[ad_1] "Mom, I'm hungry." If you got a rupee every time your kid said that to you; you'd be a millionaire by now. Kids' ability to develop an appetite at any hour of the day is just amazing. Be it the after-school mini meal, or the evening snack after play, they love their daily quota […]

School Lunch Ideas

[ad_1] Although many of us from an older generation used to "brown bag" our lunches that does not cut it anymore. Parents and children can easily overlook the necessity for healthy school lunches. Continued attempts to improve nutrition content the school cafeteria with its sloppy joes, pizza and heavily breaded chicken fingers may not be […]

For a Butt Lift Should You Go For PMMA Injections?

[ad_1] Butt lift surgery (buttock augmentation or gluteoplasty) is a surgical procedure performed to lift and shape the buttock area, giving it a tighter and firmer appearance and enhancing the overall contour of the silhouette. There are different methods of providing the desired lift effect, including surgery that sometimes involves incisions and usually is combined […]