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How Much Does A Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty) Cost?

According to 2013 data from the ASPS or the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the average tummy tuck cost is $ 5,217. This will, however, depend on the surgeon you select, the scope of treatment, geographic location of your surgeon's practice and other basic factors. Throughout your life, sometimes there is no other body area that is subjected to as many changes as your abdomen. Pregnancy, weight gain and loss, and many other experiences may take a deep toll on your skin and midsection tissues. Dieting and exercising can not change their appearance. Here, surgery becomes the only option to achieve the desired shape.

Tummy tuck or abdominoplasty involves various combinations of procedures intended to help people achie a toned, lean midsection. The technique almost always includes liposuction, removal of glut skin and thinning of under muscles, all performed at different levels. With so many possible variations on the procedure, it can be tricky to pin down an exact or estimated tummy tuck cost.

Typically, you can anticipate that the tummy tuck cost is very much affected by your surgeon and the reason for treatment. In most cases, a physician can determine if the tummy tuck will provide medical advantages. This is particularly true for patients who have undergone a huge weight loss after Bariatric surgery. Under such conditions, insurance coverage may apply. In other cases, patients may surely want to get a cosmetic improvement, and should expect payment for the tummy tuck cost themselves. Either way it pays to carry out your research and decide what will bring you results you are looking for.


Apart from the kind of surgeon you pick or the reason for treatment, to determine the tummy tuck cost, you must include any anesthesia fees too. These are often not included in the original estimate for a tummy tuck. Anesthesia is a kind of medication administrated to stop a patient from feeling pain as the doctor removes the excess tissue, creates incisions and processes some steps in the procedure. The medication can be given either by a nurse or an anesthesiologist. In most cases, fees are billed hourly. The cost will also vary with the person administering the drug. It is much more expensive to use a certified anesthesiologist but is usually cheaper when administrated by a nurse. Make sure you ask your plastic surgeon if these costs have been included or will be billed separately.

After-Surgery Costs

The tummy tuck cost estimates should also include additional expenses following your surgery. Some of these expenses are included in the entire cost of the treatment, whereas others are not. For instance, some surgeons will offer a free elastic prop up garment for their patients to put on as they recover and usually some pain killers to make you feel comfortable. All this helps to aid proper healing. If the garment requires replacement, costs vary from $ 50 to $ 150. Prescription pain medication after the surgery may not be included in the initial estimates.

How Tummy Tuck Surgery Affects You

Beside spending a sizeable amount of cash which may come out of your pocket, this surgery has its other effects too. Majority of patients are extremely happy with their tummy tucks. The operation completely transforms the whole midsection or stomach area, ending embarrassment and enhancing self-esteem. Plus you'll get lots of compliments on your new improved body and shape. In addition, your general health may improve from undergoing the surgery. The technique rides patients of big sagging skin folds, which are potentially infected with bacteria or fungus. Consequently, the tummy tuck is well-received by Bariatric patients who experience rashes and sores.

The muscles in the belly wall can begin to separate from pregnancy or aging, something referred to as laxity . This may lead to reduced muscle potency and make the area look like it is sagging. Tummy tucks deal with this problem by fixing the muscles and making them much tighter. This is referred to as plication . In addition to this, the stretch marks are removed too, along with the excess skin. All these are included in the entire tummy tuck cost you have to pay, which makes it more cost-effective.


Whilst no surgeon can guarantee results which will meet your hopes beyond a shadow of doubt, you may reduce the risk of unfavorable income by not shopping price alone. In basic terms, the better the surgeon, the better the results and the likelihood of having to return for corrections is reduced. Thus, the importance of selecting a reputable and an excellent doctor should not be overstated.

Source by Audrey M. Hardy

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